Smart Stay Hostel Munich City
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6-Bed Room


Larger groups and families are recommended to reserve one of our 6-bed rooms for sharing. But solo travelers are also welcome here – the beds can be booked individually. Gender-specific occupancy of the rooms is also possible, for example as a dorm for ladies only. Every guest can store their valuables in a locker (padlocks can be purchased for 2 euros at the reception). Each room has its own bathroom with shower and WC and free WIFI.

Rates p.Pers/Night


6-Bed-Room, mixed
Bathroom/shower, WC 17,90 €

6-Bed-Room, ladies only
Bathroom/shower, WC 17,90 €

Please note that rates may vary during events and major trade fairs in Munich.





All Rooms at the Hostel Munich City

Rates per person and night.

Single Roomfrom 59 €

Double Roomfrom 44,50 €

4-Bed Roomfrom 19,90 €

6-Bed Roomfrom 17,90 €

8-Bed Roomfrom 14,90 €

Breakfast5,90 €